Monday, October 8, 2012

Purple People Eater

Hey Everyone! Ok, so I feel zombie like today. Mr. Neil has decided he wants to wake up before 5am for the past three days and doesn't want me sleeping. I am TIRED! We also watched season 1 of The Walking Dead Saturday night. OMG I love it!!!! We need to watch season 2 but yesterday was Football day and then tonight is Monday Night Football/WWE night BUT I think df is so excited to watch The Walking Dead we might watch some of that instead. I always find out about the good shows well into their 3rd or 4th seasons. I just discovered The Big Bang Theory a few months ago. I am definitely behind!

I just got done filing my nails down. SIGH. My nails are giving me such fits. I have been trying to do nice manis but my nails are such crap that it discourages me. Peeling and weak and bendy and crap. They are filed down now and I hate them. I did a Gelish mani on my nails the other day but because they are such peely messes the gelish actually started lifting. That stuff should last at least 2 weeks and on me it lasted 2 days. I wish there was a miracle cure.

For now I have more Halloween CrowsToes from last week when my nails were a bit more decent.

CrowsToes Purple People Eater.

Purple People Eater is a great combination of purple, blue and green glitter. Perfection!

I used Sinful Colors Precious Metal as a base.

I used two coast of Precious Metal.

One coat of Purple People Eater over Precious Metal. The glitter in Purple People Eater is much finer than the chunky glitters in Voo Doo and Hell Hath No Fury.

This would be a great polish for those that don't like chunky glitter. I happen to love all glitter.

I very much enjoy how the green glitter sort of glows. This polish is really very pretty.

I have seen a lot of purple and blue glitter combined polishes and I think adding the green is GENIUS and makes it super awesome.

It tis BEAuTIful! I love it! I also get the Purple People Eater song stuck in my head every time I talk about this polish.

It was a one eyed, one horned, flying purple people eater. One eyed, one horned, flying purple people eater...

That's all for now :)



  1. I am down to nubs too,Julie.It's been frustrating.I decided to just give up and polish them anyway :-) I love that polish!

    1. Well, I am going to deal with the nubs. Thank you, you pushed me over the edge. :) I WILL POLISH THEM!
      It is a great polish. I want to wear it again already!

  2. Oh Mr. Neil, that is just not reasonable.

    I probably should nubbinize to see if that will make my few problem nails behave as they grow out. I'm not hopeful it would, though since it's the same ones all the time--must be something I'm doing with/to them and not realizing.

    1. Sir Neil does not believe in being reasonable. He just looks at you with those cute eyes and little ear hairs and gets his way. Brat!

      hmmm I was totally hoping that the nubbinizing would make my nails grow out better but now you dashed that hope lol. Mine just suck, they have no excuse. You probably do something totally not even thinking about it since it is always the same ones. I know I realized finally that I take my thumb nail and bite down on it, I don't bite it off just apply the pressure. I think it flattens out my nail and makes it grow funky. I have to try and stop doing that.

    2. Just because my nails don't behave after nubbinizing doesn't mean yours won't!

    3. lol Oh I know but I also know my nails always have issues. Nubbing only helps for a while. I like to dream that one day I will figure out the cure for them but I doubt I will.

  3. Oh no. My peely nubbins need that too!

  4. Maybe you should consider some formaldehyde again. I know it's toxic and dries the cuticles and whatnot but it's great for weak nails.
    This is such a pretty glitter. Love the name!

    1. Hmm, I do have some stuff that has formaldehyde in it. I was just concerned that it would make them more dry than they are already. I am going to give it a try though. I doubt it could make them worse.

      I love the name of this one too!


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