Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Stupid Germs

Hey Everyone! Sorry I went M.I.A again. I was out of work and pretty much sleeping most of the day Friday. Luckily my cold has mostly cleared up. I still feel congested and a bit under the weather but I am much much better. Mr. Neil is sick now. He has me quite worried. He got his shots on Thursday and then slept ALL day Friday. I mean ALL DAY. He didn't wake me up Saturday morning and he usually wakes me up 4-5 times before 7:30 am daily. Saturday he was looking a bit better but still not acting right. He also seems to have problems with his back legs. Due to his condition he is usually kinda spastic when he moves but this is far worse than normal.
He went to the vet yesterday and they are running tests. Most of the tests came back negative and we are just waiting on some results today. He is very underweight though. We have to feed him some special food to bulk him up a bit. He has a fever which I am hoping just came from the shots. He has been eating and drinking like a little pig the past couple of days so at least he has his appetite back. He is more alert and mobile so that is looking good too. I am going crazy with worry though so I hope those results come back soon. I have him at work with me today so I can keep an eye on him.
I should be able to get back on schedule once he is back to normal. I have my last CrowsToes Halloween polish to post but of course somehow I forgot to put those photos in photobucket so I can't post them now. Due to being sick and now Neil making me crazy with worry I haven't even painted my nails in days. I have also neglected my cuticles which I should be smacked with a shoe for. I have so many projects and packages I need to mail out and I have fallen behind on that too. I hate being sick.
I am hoping to have good news from the vet  later and a nice post for you all. Thank you for all the well wishes!
That's all for now :)


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