Thursday, October 18, 2012

Oopsie Daisies Pink of Me

Hey Everyone!! I hope all is well in your world! Mr. Neil is starting to be playful again so I am hopeful that he will be better soon. I am still worried about him but the vet seems to think he is mostly weak due to not eating enough. He LOVES the wet food we have for him but the dry food he has rejected. I guess we have to go up to the pet store tonight and find an alternative dry food. I actually think the pieces are too big for him to handle well but that is just a theory. Bruce loves the dry food and stole Neil's rejected food twice now. Bruce is PICKY as can be when it comes to food too.

I have an ingrown toenail. Ugh. It is so painful. I am seriously considering amputating the toe. I should probably stop trying to perform surgery on it. I am pretty sure I had this stupid nail permanently fixed 13 years ago but I can't remember and I have another ingrown toenail so either it didn't work or I didn't have it fixed. I used to have major problems with my big toes. I just accidentally tapped the tip of my shoe on my desk and had shooting pain in my toe. I don't REALLY NEED my big toe right?!

Ok. October is Breast Cancer Awareness month as I am sure EVERYONE knows by now. This year I planned on buying one of the Breast Cancer Awareness polishes so I could do some manis for the month. The first ones I came across were the big name brands but then Cathryn, creator of Indie brand Oopsie Daisies, came out with her Breast Cancer Awareness polish and I knew exactly where I was ordering from. Not only was her polish awesome but she is donating money from each bottle sold and I felt comfortable KNOWING that she was going to actually be donating and KNOWING where the money was going. I also love Cathryn, her blog and her polishes as well as the thought of bringing awareness to the other side of this nasty disease.

Everyone is pretty aware that Breast Cancer effects women based on the widespread information on the disease but few people realize that it also affects men. Cathryn has had this cancer strike close to home when her father was diagnosed with Male Breast Cancer and so she chose a cause that helps bring awareness to male breast cancer. Now, every time I see the commercials and the athletes in various sports wearing Pink to support the cause I think well, wait, they NEVER mention male breast cancer. I hope that more and more people start to become aware that this cancer affects men as well.

Enough babble already right?! Today I have Oopsie Daisies Pink of Me! I feel bad because my nails are still short and this polish deserves so much more. I will definitely post this again when my nails are nicer. I also forgot to take a picture of the bottle. Feel free to smack me with a shoe.

This is three coats of Pink of Me. Ignore the greasy cuticles, I was trying to bring them back from their parched state.

Pink of Me is a gorgeous squishy, jelly pink with lots of glitter in there.

There is pink glitter and then another glitter of unknown color. I am not sure if it is white, silver or a lighter shade of pink. It also has a shimmer to it. I don't do pink very often but I sure do love this one.

I am a freak who likes my polish to be on the thin side so I added some thinner to this polish when I was doing my mani. Application was great and though you can see a bit of unevenness in application it was my fault and not the polishes fault.

I kept feeling the overwhelming need for either Jolly Ranchers or pink Starburst when I wore this mani.

I love the glitter in this polish, it is not overwhelmingly in your face but still adds depth and awesomeness.

I need to wear this polish again! Soon!

The light causes this polish to be so vibrant and bright.

You can purchase this polish from Oopsie Daisies Etsy Shop for $9.00. Cathryn will donate $2.00 from every bottle purchased to to help raise awareness for Male Breast Cancer. It is a great polish and a great cause to support.

That's all for now :)   


  1. Ooh this looks cool! Like a jelly sandwich in a single polish. It's so squishy and pretty!
    I think this is a great cause she supports. I find that most of these awareness things are pretty useless. Just posting a pink manicure and saying that it's for breast cancer awareness is not enough. You have to at least add some sort of information to your post so people can learn from it. It's great that you talked about male breast cancer and people should talk about it more. Most of them will not even believe you if you tell them that men can get it.
    I'm glad that Neil is feeling better! Hope we can see him around here soon!


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