Thursday, October 11, 2012

Tangled Web

Hey Everyone!! I went home early from work today. My boss told me I sounded like S&*T and I could go home. Uh, thanks? My throat is sore and I have a cold so I happily welcomed coming home to relax. Hopefully tomorrow I will feel better, we will see.

Today's polish is CrowsToes Tangled Web from the Halloween collection.

This polish is black and iridescent glitter in a clear base. Black glitter? HECK YEAH!

Please forgive me but when I did this mani I did each hand with a different base color. The first combo I will show you is with Wet N Wild Megalast polish in Root of All Evil. This polish is from the Pick Your Poison collection.

I used one coat of Tangled Web.

I very much liked this combination.

Tangled Web has some bar glitter in it. I love black glitter so this is one of my favorites.

The first hand I did was over Sinful Colors In the Mist. I did this hand first but didn't like how the black glitter didn't stand out real well. 

I think the base was a little too dark and hid the black glitter so I only did one hand with this base.

I love the way the iridescent glitter looks against In the Mist. 

That's all for now :)


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  2. Looks very pretty! Best wishes and I hope you'll get better very soon:)

    1. Thank you!!! I am feeling a lot better. Now Neil is sick though :(

  3. This must be my second favorite from the collection. I need some black glitter! I like both combos because the second one makes the blue glitter pop.
    Sorry you were sick. I hope you feel better now. But on the bright side you were sent home which rarely happens to me at school when I'm sick.

    1. I LOVE Black glitter. LOVE IT! I can't decide which way I liked it best. I wonder, maybe it would look good under a light blue too. Or gray. Too many options.

      Thanks :) Yes, getting sent home actually has some advantages. I guess school would rarely do that, most jobs I have ever had would rarely do that. My boss now just doesn't want to get sick which is actually good because he won't let us work if we are sick.


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