Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Kristen gets Whimsical

Hey Everyone! I had a long day at work today since I had to do my job and the warehouse guy's job. I am quite tired now. Is it Friday yet? hehe

Ok. Today I have a lot of pictures for you. First up is a Zoya from the Winter 2011 Feel Collection. This one is Kristen. This one did NOT want to come out right in photos. I have to apologize NOW for the inaccuracy of this polish. Zoya calls this one a gull gray with a mild blueish hue.

These pictures are a little more purple, a little too blue and a lot not gray. Kristen was difficult to capture and edit and I didn't want to tweak the pictures too much. This picture was straight up blue on me. I never noticed it looking gray at all. It sometimes looked like a more dusky blue but always looked blue.

This is two coats. The flash makes it look robin egg blue. It was dustier than this picture but I think my pinkie color is the closest to what it really looked like.

In this picture is looks more purple than it should. I could not win with this one so I only am going to post the two pictures. I will try again another day. I really wore this one because I wanted to layer Revlon Whimsical on it anyway hehe. 

I also have some random pictures for you. I am sad, VERY SAD, to announce that junior the puppy has been taken to the shelter. The shelter that he went to is apparently really really really nice and the animals are  in rooms instead of cages. They are treated well and the place is beautiful. The people are friendly and junior was having a lot of fun there. I am not going to talk about it anymore because I am upset by the whole thing and have already cried enough. This picture is of Bruce Kittlee Master Ninja Warrior attacking junior. He would hide under the couch and drive the puppy nuts because he couldn't get to him. Bruce is not nice.

Another Bruce picture. This time he was sitting there in his Ozzy Osbourne shirt staring at me while I took his picture. Right now he is carrying around this one toy that he has. It used to have a stick and the little mouse type ball at the end dangled but the stick is gone. I think he likes that toy a little TOO much. He always acts really weird when he has that toy. He is walking around with the ball in his mouth dragging the string. So strange.

This is an M&M my son made it for me years ago and it sits on my desk at work. I figured I would share the picture with you guys :)

OK now I have Revlon Whimsical over Zoya Kristen. This is two coats of Whimsical over two coats of Kristen.

It reminded me of Easter. I used two coats of Whimsical to get more glitter on the nails then one coat provided.

More glitter is always better. 

It is a really pretty combination and I might have to wear it again around Easter.

Well it is off to bed for me :)

That's all for now :)


  1. I really love these types of colors and I would love to get my hands on Whimsical, but no chance of finding it here. So sorry about the puppy. I hope it still gets a nice home.

    1. Oh noooo I will keep my eye out for it for you. I haven't seen it yet though so I am not sure if it will ever appear but I will let you know if it does.
      Ahhh yes I hope he does too. My dad tried to look him up on the website but couldn't get the site up. I don't want to look, it is too sad. :(

  2. Nice color love it. Sad for the puppy :(

    1. The color is gorgeous! I love them. Blues and Greens are my thing lol

      :( he is being treated well so that is good I just hope he finds a nice home.

  3. Bruce looks so handsome in his shirt! And whimsical looks like something yummy.

    1. Bruce thanks you :) He actually somehow got a hole in his shirt. Odd part is it is on the back. I am not sure if it was when he was wearing it or if I just didn't notice it before I put it on him. I asked him but he wouldn't tell me lol.

      Whimsical is really nice, I don't understand why it is so elusive here.


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