Thursday, February 2, 2012

Green Goblin Part Dos

Hey Everyone! It is ME again!! Whoo HOO. I told you I would be back :)

So I had on BB Couture Green Goblin when I ran into Sallys to check out their clearance area. They had the two Orly Holiday top coats on clearance and since I had already picked up Twilight I decided that I could give Shining Star a whirl as well. I don't typically like gold so I hadn't gotten this one earlier but for 2 bucks I wasn't going to leave it behind. When I was checking out I noticed they had one bottle of the Finger Paints Sparkle top coat sitting there all by itself. It was also on clearance so I grabbed it. I already had a bottle but it is really pretty and I figured if anything I can swap it or something later.

I am pretty impatient sometimes so I decided to try the two new top coats over Green Goblin. First up is one coat of the Finger Paints top coat over Green Goblin.

I used one coat. Please ignore the huge gap on my ring finger, I got over excited on the clean up of that nail.

The Sparkle top coat is gorgeous. It has a beautiful shimmer and reminds me of the CND Effects.

I could see purple and pink shimmer all over the place and it made Green Goblin look totally different.

I was quite impressed with this Sparkle topcoat.

On my left hand I used a coat of Orly Shining Star over Green Goblin.

Look at the sparkle!!! I really like this one even if it is gold!

I was really shocked that I liked this one so much. It is very pretty.

I loved the sparkle that it added. It was crazy shiny.

My Sallys still has a bunch of these left. It seems that the top coats were quite over looked this year. I haven't tried Twilight yet but I am going to soon. I hope it is as awesome as this one.

I also have some random pictures from the Miami Heat game we recently went to. I am not a Heat fan, at all. I do not like them. We were given the tickets though and my son had never been to a game before so we decided to go.

The scoreboard in the middle is very odd. I had a headache which made the game even more fun.

Despite the 76ers being ranked higher and having a better record at the time the Heat won this one quite easily. It was highly disappointing.

It was pretty cool though, going to a live game is always fun even if the soda is $8.00 a cup.

AND though they offer free refills they don't tell you they close the concession stand at the beginning of the 4th quarter so when you want a refill just minutes into the 4th you are stuck like chuck and you get NOTHING! Well, you get an empty plastic Miami Heat cup that you don't want because you don't even like the Heat and it is EMPTY! You also get annoyed and the wonderful feeling of being ripped off.

Other than the soda incident though it was a pretty decent time. It would have been even better if the Heat lost :)

That's all for now :)


  1. I passed on Shooting Star for the same reason--not that into gold--but now you've got me wondering if I need to make a trip to Sally's.

    1. Um, clearance prices make it hard for me to pass anything up lol so I am not much help :) It is pretty and the gold factor doesn't bother me with this one. :)

  2. beautiful pics!!!love nails!!!amazing blog!!!i'm following you!!!if you like mine,do the same!!!

  3. Thank you :) I will check yours out :)


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