Thursday, February 9, 2012

BB Couture Studio 54

Hey Everyone! It is raining tonight. I am also freezing though I don't know why. Just random tidbits of information for you. This afternoon my son texted me. His text said I need a bond. I texted bond into my phone because at 13 there is no way my son should be needing to be bonded out of jail. I was flustered when the only thing I could come up with was bond or bone. Um. Ok. I called him rather flustered and asked him WHAT?! he needed. He says I need a bone. WHAT?! what kind of bone?! He says I don't know a chicken bone or a small animal. I am thinking WTF?! Why do you need a bone?! Oh, my teacher says I need to bring a bone in tomorrow. OK. WHERE AM I SUPPOSED TO GET A BONE FROM?! He says I don't know, KFC? I told him he needs to learn to spell and text and that I would talk to him when I picked him up. Oh yeah, by the way, he has known about this bone necessity since Tuesday and just decided to mention it today. BOYS!!!!

So today I have another polish from my RAOK package. It is another BB Couture polish. I love this brand. I don't have many of them but the ones I do have are really nice polishes with a great formula.

BB Couture Studio 54.

I used two coats for this mani. The formula was great and I love the bright green shade.

It is very shimmery and pretty and looks like it has a nice depth to it. I like polishes that have depth. 

I took a ton of pictures of it because it is oh so pretty.

Very shiny too.

It is also pretty sparkly.

A picture of Junior puppy. :( He is so cute. 

This is a great St. Patrick's Day green so I am going to have to bust it out next month too.

Maybe put some shamrocks on it or something. I love greens.

I love this picture! I was holding my hand out to take the picture when junior decided I was holding my hand out for him to lick it. I snapped the picture at the same time he decided to lick my hand lol.

That's all for now :)


  1. Love that last pic! I am going to have to catch up now and find out what has been going on with the puppy saga while I've been away.

    1. lol yeah I really liked that pic too! Ahhh the saga of puppy :( It is better. Our animals are happier without being harassed by a crazy puppy but it is still sad. I am still upset about it.

  2. So so cute! And the bone story is both funny and strange. Why would anyone need a bone at school?

    1. Thanks :) Um, the bone. Well, I asked my son about that and he said they pushed it in sand then took it out then it was put in plaster. They are coloring it this week. He says they are making fossils. I guess we will see when the final project is done lol. a bone! *shakes head*


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