Friday, February 10, 2012

Blue Comp and Random Pictures

Hey Everyone!! It is FRI DAY! I am excited! The bf just made yummy quesadillas and I got an epic package in the mail so it is a GOOD day. I also realized I am growing a second ankle. I am a little confused by this because really, each foot only needs one ankle. For some reason though my foot wants two. It is a little strange bump that is on the side of my foot a little bit below and in front of my real ankle. Odd I say. I have named it ankle junior. I am going to have to take it to the doctor I think because I am not real sure what ankle jr is. It doesn't hurt but I do know it is there after I poke it and mess with it for awhile. I am guessing the doctor is going to evict ankle jr from my foot though. I guess we will see. I thought I was special though because not many people grow their own second ankle.

I also have some pictures for you that I took when I went downtown for the basketball game. They aren't very good but it is downtown Miami at night so I thought it was cool.

This is the courthouse not blurry. I took about 23 pictures of the courthouse and I could not get them to look right. I have a cheap camera so I am not surprised.

This is from the steps of the arena. If it was less blurry it would be really cool.

This is the cooler picture of downtown from the bridge. We went the wrong way of course so I was able to take these pictures. I wish they had come out because it looks really cool at night.

Yeah you can't see the lights, not as cool.

Here are the dogs. Oh Junior. I miss you.

OK now we are on to the nail stuff. I did a comp for you all. It is quick and dirty so the cleanup is lacking. I thought that China Glaze Electrobeat, Zoya Kristen and Borghese Capriccio Blue were all similar so I decided to do a comp for you. YAY

Here we go Borghese Capriccio Blue on the left, Zoya Kristen in the middle and China Glaze Electrobeat on the right.

The colors are Index Electrobeat, Middle Kristen, Ring Capriccio Blue, Pinky Electrobeat.

Kristen is definitely lighter than the rest. The picture above shows them looking most alike but even there you can see the differences.

Capriccio Blue an Electrobeat are closer but not exactly dupes. It depends on the lighting as to how close they really look. Capriccio Blue is lighter and a little different tone of blue.

Capriccio Blue and Kristen are not very close at all. Over all they are similar but not dupes. You could probably get away with either Capriccio Blue or Electrobeat but probably don't need both unless you are like me and want all the blues.

I love this picture of Bruce Kittlee Master Ninja Warrior! He is so cute. 

That's all for now :)


  1. Drooling about your pictures of downtown Miami!! And of course I like the blue's, doggies and Bruce! xxx

    1. Downtown is quite nice at night, from a distance haha. Bruce says HI!!!!!

  2. Oh, that Bruce pic! I want to put my hand up against the glass to connect with him. :)

    1. lol YES! I love the pic so much. I need to put it as my desktop picture. He is so cute when he wants to be lol


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