Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Recent Happenings

Hey Everyone! I am emotionally drained. I am frustrated and annoyed and just not having a good week. I do have an actual nail polish post for you that I will prepare. This post is going to have some random stuff and maybe a little venting in it too lol. I will catch you up on my week of being M.I.A.

Last week was the end of the school year. My darling son tried to tank his school year at the end by failing his prefinal. After some stern talking and a lot of studying, stress and worrying he pulled off an A on his final. He only missed ONE question. He has amazed both himself, us and his teacher. I still want to smack him with a shoe for the F but punk finished out the year with Honor Roll all 4 Quarters. It is a first and hopefully not a last.

I threw this together for his after school program teachers. I was already making 100 of the masks I will show you in a minute so I figured I could squeeze 12 of these stars in there too. They are sitting in half of an apple, it has a top but it won't fit with the chocolates in there.

THEN there was the band banquet which I thought, oh hey I can make chocolates for that too. Because you know making 100 detailed chocolate masks is not already enough work to be done.

I got them all made. The kids liked them. It was a success. I still had to finish making those chocolate masks though. I also had to drive upstate to get df's daughter AND we had another unexpected guest arrive at our house.

This is some of the MANY masks. I am completely tired of the colors purple and turquoise now!

They got wrapped up and tied with purple ribbon. I got these done Sunday which is good considering they were due Monday. I feel like a weight was lifted off my shoulders after I got the last one done.

My brother came home and wanted to do origami. I told him to give me shiny paper and make the youtube video bigger so I could play too. We made flapping birds. Mine flapped which made me very happy. He was a bit annoyed because I was able to do origami well on my first attempt. HAHA!

Bruce Kittlee Master Ninja Warrior decided he wanted my flapping bird.

Bruce says birds are food not friend.

This little guy is semi friend. He got hit by a car on Friday. He was brought to df by a guy that stopped a semi from hitting him and grabbed him out of the middle of the street. He didn't see the initial car hit him but luckily saw him in time to save him. He has a NASTY break and need surgery, plates and screws in his leg. He is cute but doesn't seem to like people much. Hopefully he comes around. He is going to the doctor today, hopefully will get the surgery done asap. I guess we will be rehabbing him and trying to get him to be more people friendly.

My kitten friends are at a potential home right now. They are undergoing treatment to see if they will stop shaking so the vet knows what is wrong with them. It is a long story. I don't know much yet. They might be back, they might be in their forever home. The shaking might be cured or might not. I am really not happy with not knowing what is going on though. I guess time will tell.

That was most of my week. School is out, summer has begun. I have been crazy busy and stressed so I haven't paid much attention to my nails for the past week. I have polished them but haven't had a chance to take pictures or anything. I cut them down a bit to get rid of some damage and my hands are still recovering from all the kitten scratches and bites lol. Hopefully things get back on track. If you can send positive vibes out for the puppy and kittens I would appreciate it. :)


  1. Thinking good thoughts for all the furry ones! It was very nice of you to make Mr. Bruce a bird. :)

    1. Thank you!! Yes, wasn't it! Bruce thinks everything is for him because he is spoiled lol. Since he is always watching the birds through the window maybe I should make him a few more so he can have his own birds.

  2. Sending some postive vibes:)


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