Friday, February 13, 2015

Red Shimmer Hearts

Hey Everyone!! Happy Friday!!! the 13th! I kind of want to hug a black cat today. I stopped by the Valentine's Day aisle at Target this morning but couldn't find anything interesting, other than all the candy of course. I was thinking I should probably pick up candy for the boys but wasn't very inspired by what I saw so I bought nothing. Tonight we are going to visit my dad up at his new rehab place. He has a roommate and is settled in. My mother visited yesterday and says he was sitting up on the edge of the bed when she went in so he is doing really well. Hopefully he comes home sooner than they thought. 

Today I used another Holiday polish for my Valentine's Day mani. All those reds that come out for Christmas come in handy when Feb comes around. I had picked up one of the Sally Girl Snowmen polishes on sale after Christmas and thought it would be great for a sparkly February mani. 

The base was the Snowman Polish in Red Shimmer. This clearly is a holo glitter and not a shimmer so I am not sure what the deal with the name is. I guess we are lucky it had a name on there because the Red Cross pumpkins and snowmen don't have names or colors or anything on them. 

I used three coats of the Red Shimmer polish. I could have probably stopped at two but the polish is on the sheer side and wanted to see if it would build up to a deeper color. It didn't really differ too much between two and three coats.

I then stamped using another Dashica plate. I used plate XL SdP-54 for the heart pattern. I love the Dashica plates as they stamp really nicely. 

I used Konad white stamping polish for the white hearts and LA Colors Gel Like Stunner for the accent nail. Stunner stamped really well so I am happy to say that so far I have found the line to be great for stamping. 

That's all for now :)

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