Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Out Like a Light and Matte Pearl Glaze

Hey Everyone! I hope everyone up in the cold north is doing well and safe. We currently have a little bit of cold air coming in so that is making me happy. I wish I had worn socks and sneakers today though. I think I am going to have to do another snow themed mani to go along with the cool weather and the snow everyone else has. I should really finish making my brother's crocheted hat too since he is cold and winter will be over soon. I was supposed to finish it this past weekend but I got distracted. 

Today I have a mani for you using one of the Revlon Transforming Effects Topcoats. This display is still up in my store but the collection is from late last year so it isn't really new. It would be lovely if they would put up new collections like, say, the Sinful Colors Valentine's Day or St. Patrick's Day glitters. Anyway, I grabbed this polish and another one when Walgreens was having a sale and I needed some retail therapy. First let us look at the base color.

I used China Glaze Out Like a Light from the 2014 Holiday Twinkle Collection. It is a lovely dark gray creme and it applied really nicely. 

I got this one after Christmas when the polishes were marked down a bit. For some reason I hadn't really frequented the stores much so I wasn't super familiar with the collection. This is a great polish and was almost a 1 coater. 

I am thinking this polish is going to be really good for stamping but I have yet to try it out. I was still trying out the Poshe base coat when I did this mani so it was also one I did twice. Both times the application was great and had I been more careful I could have gotten away with just one coat.

I, of course, managed to ding up my cuticles. I always felt bad when I would get a cuticle cut or have bad cuticles because most bloggers either don't have that problem or know how to hide it. Sadly I have issues with my cuticles all the time and I have no idea how to hide them, especially when they are this bad.

I used one coat of Revlon Matte Pearl Glaze over Out Like a Light. I didn't think to do a partial mani with it so you can see the base and the transformation side by side until I had already done my other hand. That is why we are stuck with pictures of the ugly cuticle. You can see that Matte Pearl Glaze transforms the color into a gorgeous purple with pink shimmery flakie look.

One coat of Matte Pearl Glaze was enough to transform a dark gray creme into this beauty. It looked darker purple in some lights and taking pictures of it proved to be difficult.

The shimmery flakie was very pretty and very pronounced. It isn't a straight shimmer but it isn't a glitter either. If you look really closely, and you can see a couple of bigger chunks on my ring finger, you can see that it looks like tiny flakes. Whatever it actually is makes for a very pretty polish.

It doesn't remind me of a pearl at all, I was expecting something more pearl like when I hear the name. It is definitely very pretty and I am very interested to know what it does over other colors. I am happy I picked this one up. I can't think of anything I have in my collection that is similar.

That's all for now :)

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