Monday, January 12, 2015

I am Back! Lots of Pictures Included!

Hey Everyone!!! I AM BACK!!! It was a nice break but I am finally back. Things have settled down for the most part so I am confident I can devote my attention to the blog again. My nails, however, have decided to be complete jerks and not cooperate. I decided to go forward and blog anyway. All of that will be explained in the next post. I figure I will start out with 2-3 posts a week instead of trying to do daily posts. I even got a little calendar to keep track of my manis so I can stay organized. When I was going through pictures on my camera I had forgotten what mani of the polishes I had used were. I decided I must write down everything from now on to keep myself from staring at the computer for 20 minutes trying to remember what I used. The great thing about my memory is that I eventually did remember all but one of the polishes I used in the pictures below. I wish I could say the same for the stamping images though. 

Today I have some of the manis I have done over the past few months. My nails will be various lengths because some of the pictures are older than others. Shall we take a look?

Back at the beginning of football season I did this mani combining C's NY Giants and my Buffalo Bills. It didn't quite come out as well as I had wanted it to.

I wasn't thrilled with the gold stamping. It looked much nicer in my imagination. 

Back when I was taking ds to the doctor all the time I saw this NYC Fashion Queen collection at one of my CVS stops. Since I was stressed and they were cheap I did a little retail therapy and bought the glitter polishes called Crystal Couture. I, of course, did not buy them all at once which tells you how many doctor trips we actually made. 

The Blue one is called Blue Majesty and the purple is named My Princess.

I don't usually do gold but I actually really liked this one a lot. It is called Fashion Queen.

I decided that it reminded me of gold coins and pirates plus I just really wanted to use a skull image so I stamped one on as an accent. 

I used Sugar Bubbles stamping plate 008 for this cute skull.

Queen's Jewels is the green color for this collection and I love it! 

I decided to do an accent nail with another recently acquired polish Sinful Colors Cauldron Couture.

This was the only bottle shot I took for some reason. I have no idea why I do the things I do.

The red from the Fashion Queen Collection also caught my attention despite it not being my favorite color.

The red one is pretty pink but I still loved the vibrant juicy color. It is called Ruby Queen.

I had done a few gel manis as well to help my nails grow a bit. I figured the protection of the gel mani would help keep them going.

For this gel mani I used Gelish Race you to the Bottom.

My nails were pretty damaged so the gel manis didn't wear quite as good as I would have liked. I hate when one or two nails ruin it for the whole mani!

This mani was the one that I could not remember at all. I finally remembered that the base color was one of the Fall Limited Edition Wet N Wild Megalast Matte polishes but I still am not positive what the glitter accent is.

The Wet N Wild is called Distressed to Impress. I love the color of this one oh so much! I believe the glitter is a Sinful Colors glitter but I am not 100% positive on that one. 

That's all for now :) 


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