Wednesday, April 16, 2014

My Greyhound Adoption mani

Hey Everyone! It has been a crazy two days at work. The guy that works in the warehouse has been out sick so I have been covering for him. It is quite hot out there! I think it was 87 yesterday and the heat and humidity zapped all my energy. It didn't help that I spent the morning at the doctor's office and didn't eat anything until 1pm. Gotta love that blood work that requires fasting when your appointment isn't until 11:30am to begin with and then they don't bring you back into an exam room until well after noon. I am trying to get this in before heading home for the day so it should be brief. 

As you may know C works for a Greyhound Adoption. I volunteer over there a lot and have been taking pictures like the one above for National Adopt a Greyhound Month. I got the idea to do some nail art for the weekends based on the shirts that the group wears.

Since I don't have a greyhound stamping plate I made some water slide decals. I used some different images including one of Mr. Bruce! I am happy to report that they worked wonderfully and though I haven't tried the Bruce decals I will very soon.

Above is a picture of one of the shirts and my mani. I have a shirt that is in purple but it is pretty old and ragged so I took a picture of the pink one because it is newer. The purple one is what inspired the mani. I added the paw print on my pinkie because I couldn't leave it naked.

I did this mani with a base of Gelaze Secret Periwinkle. I stamped a pattern on the background with Konad m64 and Sinful Colors Slick. I stamped the paw print, peace sign and heart with black polish. I didn't realize I should have done my right hand with the pictures in the opposite order so of course they are backwards. duh for me.

I loved this mani but I meant to do some white stamping in the background to make it look more like the tie dyed t-shirts. Next time I will do something like that. I loved the mani but of course no one really noticed it much less connected it to the shirts I was wearing that weekend. Ah well, at least I can blog about it and enjoy it myself.

Sadly this mani didn't last through the weekend. Did I mention the kennel is terrible on my nails? 

That's all for now :)


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