Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Gelaze Flip Flop Fantasy

Hey Everyone! I spent today working on that gel mani with foil. Oy. I will have a post all about it later. I am probably going to be doing a lot of manis with the same base and then stamping over them for a bit. My helmers are all tucked behind the bed crammed into the small bedroom right now. I don't have much access to them though I do have some stragglers that are out and about. I also have been keeping a gel mani on to help my nails grow out their damage and not break while I am at the kennel on the weekend. I have still had some breaks and the gel only lasts about a week with all the kennel work. 

Today I have a post with the new Gel polish line from China Glaze. The line is called Gelaze and actually doesn't require a base coat which is kind of nice. I picked two colors up when they were on sale at Sally Beauty Supply last month. You know I had to give them a try since China Glaze is one of my favorite brands.

The first one I used was Flip Flop Fantasy. I actually do not have this one in the regular formula but since I had wanted it I decided I had to have it in the gel formula. I think it is close to the color of the regular polish but since I don't have it I can't compare it. My pictures do not do this polish justice at all, it is much brighter and prettier in person. My camera kinda freaked out a bit though.

For the accent nail I used Elevation polish Huangshan. I loved these two together! 

I wish my pictures had come out a little better to show you how bright and fun this mani was. I am going to do another mani using it soon because I did not have good results with this one at all. My thumbs were chipped within 2 hours and the entire mani didn't last more than 4 days. I found the polish rather thick too. I was not really happy with it but I was also trying a new technique that I had read about where you put acrylic powder on your layer of structure to give it added strength. I will try again when I can judge it on my normal technique.

As a side note I didn't notice that there was any more strength with the added acrylic powder as I usually get with just the structure gel. I did one hand with the acrylic powder but then I was running late so I did the other hand with just structure gel. I didn't notice any notable difference between the two but the acrylic powder hand took much longer to soak off.

I stamped a design on the other nails the next day with Pueen plate Pueen 08 from the 25F set. I used a standard black Wet n Wild polish I had with me.

I loved this mani but I kept wanting to add more color to the stamping. It started to lift and come off so I had to remove it before I got a chance to add anything.

That's all for now :)

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  1. Sorry this didn't wear too well, but I LOVE the colour combination with Huangshan! I have FFF regular, so I'll have to try this combo myself soon :D


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