Monday, December 17, 2012

Z is for Zombies

Hey Everyone! What a manic Monday. I forgot to schedule a post so already I am behind again. Figures. I am not even near ready for Christmas. My son woke up with a fever today so things are even more exciting and I can feel the stress starting to build up and sit in my shoulders. Thank goodness I have somewhat of a vacation coming up.

Today I have a polish that I HAD to have. I am all about zombies and need ALL the zombie things. I haven't been able to get all of them but I did snag this one from Happy Hands.

Happy Hands Z is for Zombies. Kristi recently changed her bottles and labels and they have such a cute vibe going now. I love the new look.

Z is for Zombies is what I think of as a guacamole green and the coolest part about this polish is the red glitter shards. I quite enjoy it and it totally reminds me of zombies.

I can't remember if I used two or three coats for this mani.

It applies great and my pictures and nails don't do it justice.

I am going to redo this mani soon so I can show it to you on nicer nails. I will use any excuse to wear zombie polish lol

I love the color of this polish.

Z is for Zombies was part of the Ready for Fall collection. It is going to be perfect for February when The Walking Dead starts airing again.

Thats all for now :)


  1. So cute and fresh! Love this green so much! And the different shapes of glitter are great too.

    1. :) It is an awesome color and the combination of glitters is cool too. I actually really enjoyed this polish a LOT! lol


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