Friday, December 21, 2012

Yummy Spice Cake

Hey Everyone! Has the world ended yet? Can I come out from my hiding space yet? lol I am almost done with my Fall manis and not even close to done with my Christmas preparations. I went to buy my boss a bottle of wine this morning, last minute of course. I don't drink so I stood in the wine aisle completely lost. I kinda just randomly picked one and hoped for the best lol. I am so not ready for Christmas yet.

Today I have a gorgeous polish from Smitten Polish to show you.

Smitten Polish Spice Cake.

I love this color so much. Super Fall like orangey polish.

There is lots of glitter in there in gold, brown and orange. I love the brown glitter!

This is a pretty yummy looking polish and makes me think of Pumpkin Bread. I don't think I have actually had Spice Cake.

I have to thin this baby a bit because it is a little too thick for my liking but I am also super picky.

My only complaint about this polish is that I didn't have any Pumpkin Bread to eat while wearing it. Come to think of it I didn't make any Pumpkin Bread this year, I might have to whip some up even if it isn't really a Christmas type treat.

That's all for now :)


  1. Gorgeous!!! I've been waiting for the aliens from outer space all day to save me but nothing happened;)

    1. lol that is funny! I was waiting for SOMETHING to happen but nothing did.


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