Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Wet N Wild See Ya' Soon?

Hey Everyone!! Oh what a week. I have been having stomach issues all week and I am not the least bit thrilled that it hasn't gone away. Luckily I got in with the doctor tomorrow so hopefully we can make this stop sooner rather than later. 

Today I have a Wet N Wild Megalast color for your viewing pleasure. I would have shown you the bottle shot but it angers me. In the bottle See Ya' Soon is a gorgeous duochrome shimmer beauty. On the nail the duochrome is completely non existent. I took pictures from every angle and position and nothing wanted to show up. It didn't flash in person either. It is still a very pretty shimmer but it lies. 

This is three coats of See Ya' Soon. It had a nice formula and application.

It is a very pretty blackened teal green shimmer. It did spend a lot of time looking like a plain dark polish though.

It does look pretty in the sun.

In the shade though most of the pictures don't show off the shimmer at all.

Still pretty but not anything to write home about in the shade.

Looks like your everyday dark black or maybe navy polish.

When you catch the shimmer it is definitely pretty and non boring.

I tried really really hard to get the purple flash that the bottle shows to come out and play but it just wasn't going to happen. We were lied to. No duochrome we will NOT see ya soon.

That's all for now :)

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