Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter Nails

Hey Everyone!!! I hope everyone who celebrates had a nice Easter, Passover and whatever else you celebrated this past weekend. We didn't do much but it was a nice relaxing weekend with good food. I only managed to do one Easter mani this year. I have no idea why but I was just not feeling the festive Easter spirit and I was lazy. At least the one mani I did do was cute. 

I started the mani off with a 3 coat base of Wet N Wild in Wear Skinny Jeans. This is from their Silver Lake Collection. The collection is supposed to be Hipster cool but the display makes it look like a throwback to the 1990's 90210 cool era. I absolutely love these colors though and pretty much acquired all of them except the pink one. 

I used Sinful Flight to See which is more of an opalescent top coat to stamp the chevron pattern. I used Bundle Monster plate BM-423 from the 2013 Create Your Own set. The chevrons were nice and subtle which I liked.

For the bunny and carrot I used MoYou London Princess 09. I used various other polishes to color in and put some glitter on the images. 

I really liked this mani and kept it on for a couple of days but that is where the Easter stopped. I spent most of the weekend with naked nails which is just unheard of. I had a few breaks too which damned my spirits. I hate when my nails grow and bit then all break. It happens all the time so I am somewhat used to it but I still hate it.

That's all for now :)

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